Durango: Wild Lands Cheat codes for CASH and ENERGY for Android, Tips and Secrets

The Jurassic times are back in the game Durango: Wild Lands. If you want to compete with dinosaurs and become a hero of the movie about brave explorers, then download this game for Android and Ios. During the testing of the game, you can use secret codes that were designed specifically for fast passage of the game. If you want to get even more resources in the game, or you need a lot of virtual money for a quick start, then you do not need a hack Durango: Wild Lands. In this article you will see the secret codes, and also you will be able to read the instructions on our website. These codes will allow you to safely get resources in the form of energy, lives, food and money. Money is the main currency, you can use from for any destinations. It all depends on your wishes. The main goal in the game is survival. Do everything in order to get as much experience. The higher your level, the more interesting the gameplay will be.

Bonus codes Durango: Wild Lands for Android and Ios:

• 60,000 Cash – K # -fh39er
• Double Energy – M # -fu59eh

The game has a high-quality 3D graphics. You can choose your hero by changing skin color, hairstyle, clothing, equipment and more. In order to survive in these wild conditions you will need a strategy. Apply it correctly. Your friends will help you in every possible way, but you must do the main tasks yourself.

How to get a lot of resources using cheats Durango: Wild Lands for money:

All players though receive money for free. To do this, share this article in social networks and get a lot of resources. If you do not know how to correctly enter cheats, then read the instructions on our website. This wild world requires great survival skills. You must carry out missions that will raise your level. Enter the codes and enjoy the game in which there are no restrictions.

Your friends will give you hints through which you can accurately navigate in space. Dinosaurs that surround you are often not dangerous, but sometimes you have to hide from bloodthirsty tyrannosaurs. Money will allow you to do it faster. But for this you do not need to download Durango: Wild Lands mod or enter personal data in the game.


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