Earth Conquest Z Cheats for Android and iOS, not mod, free Souls, Cash, Gems

If you always wanted to become king and leader, then you have a unique chance to do it in the world of bloodthirsty zombies. You have no idea how long people are fighting with any dishonesty. Use the Earth Conquest Z break and go to the dark side, where everything will be subject only to you, because you are the king of zombies. Without any remorse, it can be said that the game is very interesting and exciting precisely because you are fighting on the other side. In all shooters and action games, people and warriors fight against zombies, monsters, skeletons, witches and much more. You will get a lot of fun and will be able to realize your main goal – conquer the whole world. You do not need to download a mod to become the best of the best. Just remember that the virtual currency will appear on your gaming account without downloading dangerous files and do not take risks. Otherwise, you will be fighting viruses on your mobile device and it is likely that your account will be blocked.

Cheat codes Earth Conquest Z is free for Android and IOS, online:

  • Get many lives using the code Y-fhw3t0g9evih. Your hero will become almost immortal, if you enter the codes again, because at one time you will get +100 lives.
  • In order to become the leader of battles, you must get a lot of virtual currency for free. Code O-ft3yw9egoih will bring you 70,000 Crystals for making free purchases.
  • In order to improve the game and buy the necessary items in the game store, enter the code D-fgyw0e9gi and get 190 000 Souls and Gold coins.

As you understand, all the resources are completely free. This is precisely because this function is already part of the game. You can get additional resources for free and quickly. Cheats Earth Conquest Z were invented by developers specifically for testing the game. Since the testing phase is already over, you can use the same codes and dispose of the resources as you want.

Use additional secrets, many lives and another virtual currency. Receive Souls to feed your zombies, who will bravely fight for existence on earth. Change roles and try to look into the mysterious world of the game about Zombies. Hacked Earth Conquest Z – it’s free and fast. You can enjoy the game and become a leader.

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