EMERGENCY HQ Cheat codes for Crystals, Android & iOS free Cash, a lot of Secrets

You have a unique opportunity to become a real rescuer and a hero. For this you do not need years of training and a lot of real skills. Just download this strategy game and use the free hack EMERGENCY HQ for Android and IOS. As we have already said, this game has a strategy genre. And this will allow you to successfully develop your tactical skills and gain unlimited possibilities in the game quickly and for free. You can become the best of the best and save the city from floods, fires and other natural disasters. You have to act very quickly until the catastrophe reaches a huge scale. You should always remember that saving innocent people and the faster you act the more gratitude and rewards you can get. Use our EMERGENCY HQ cheats in order to save real money. You can get unlimited resources in a free and secure way.

Cheat codes EMERGENCY HQ for free, Android and IOS:

  • Get Vip currency in the form of 80 000 Crystals for free. Enter the code D-fhw3egihv and these gems will appear on your gaming account.
  • In addition, you can enter the code L-gthwegioh and quickly unlock Three additional items in the game store (absolutely any).

Using virtual currency will significantly simplify your gameplay and you will be able to develop the game more rapidly. During the game, you need to take into account every detail. As in real life, this is a very dangerous profession. You must quickly navigate the terrain and know what rescue measures and vehicles you can use to save the city and innocent people who are in trouble. If you need to extinguish a fire in the forest, carefully consider which roads lead to it, whether it is possible to use helicopters or boats (if there are ponds nearby). All these are very important elements that you must learn.

Do I need to download EMERGENCY HQ mod for getting free virtual money:

Of course, money always helps to get more fun. Both in real life, and in virtual. You can be the best of the best if you get a lot of extra features. Be sure to take this chance, because it is completely free and safe. You can manage the fire brigade, medical, police and others. Each time you can overcome new missions and gain access to bonuses and rewards. Join the alliance with other users of the game and the hacked EMERGENCY HQ will bring you even more benefits, because with unlimited resources, you will surely become a leader.

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