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Eternal cheats

Legendary cards, animated portraits and runes, animatrins, premium sets, gold, crystals, campaigns – all these are Eternal cheats. Each move is divided into phases of attack and defense. Your creatures are divided into land and air, and flying can block both types of cards, when the ground is only their fellow men. Another side of the game table can fit up to 12 characters, well, there are 75 cards in the deck. Remember creatures inflict damage equal to attack power and die when their health drops to 0. The winner is the one who first reduces the opponent’s health to zero. Attack is to be conducted once per turn. Select all the creatures you want to send to the battle and click the attack button.

The hacked version of Eternal offers:

Kits – contain random cards of different quality. Only epic and legendary sets are opened, even those that have not yet been released in the official application come across. New types of runes and skills. Cheats animatrin – you need to make maps, if you decide not to go to all serious, but you just need some character. Codes of crystals – serve to purchase sets of cards and other items. The crystals will help to open the legendary maps and unique tasks of the story line. Also help in creating maps, if you play in the official standard version. Gold – you can earn by winning battles and completing assignments. Not a very necessary resource, but as an application for hacking, we had to put it here. Its an animated portrait and runes – you can create your own image by downloading a picture from the Internet in a gif extension or creating in Photoshop. Campaign – all bonus assignments for crystals are open. Added new, strengthened opponents, legendary cards for the victory. Excellent missions that will help you learn the strategy of owning various legendary cards.

Cheat codes Eternal for Android and iOS:

1. Lt6346V
2. yc643w6
3. rO75472i
4. xw8904iv
5. j743903tr
6. F98723iim
7. H7984OV
8. Vm8974HM
9. LH89012m
10. U5093BO

Eternal android cheats, tips for passing

A card game that took the best from its fellow members in the genre. Cards and decks have their own magical powers (that is, classes that are highlighted by a certain color: flame, time, order, element, shadow and neutral). As usual, during the match we accumulate manna and play the runes (as certain colors) and in the end we get that for playing cards we need not only the total amount of mana, but also several points of a certain color. And you can get a deck by going through countless campaigns. In this booster are issued quite well balanced. So the selection of cards from the beginner will not take much time and you can immediately immerse yourself in battles against real players.

Eternal hack

Hacked Eternal for free:

Tips Eternal: equipping the creature with weapons. you can increase his attack and health. Some characters have the “jerk” property, they can attack in their first move. The health of the creatures is fully restored at the beginning of each turn. Lightning attack – if the creature destroys the defender, it does not receive a return damage. The skill “preparation” works when you are laying out a card with this skill on the battlefield. Power over the cheats allows you to display on the battlefield maps of the relevant world forces. Suppression – if the damage done by this card exceeds the health indicator of the defender, the remaining damage is dealt to the enemy hero.

Tips and free resources without downloading Eternal mod:

Eternal skills: battle cry – when a creature with the ability to “battle cry” attacks, the upper creature or weapon in the deck becomes stronger. This effect is considered permanent and not dissipated by “dumbness”. “Battle Cry” can affect the same card several times, strengthening it even more. Flight – to protect the hero from the attacks of this creature can only flying creatures. A creature with the ability to “ambush” can be brought to the battlefield during an enemy attack (including “hunt” and attack with relic weapons) or at the end of its course. Deadly poison – a spell or character with this ability destroys any creature that does damage. Defender (1 \ 1) can kill the attacker (5 \ 5). Remember, the starting hand can be replaced, if the very unlucky combination has fallen out.

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