ExoGears2 Cheat Codes for Gold Coins and Cash for free, Android and iOS, Without mod downloading

The new game ExoGears2 is an action based on robust battles of robots. Conflict of interests always leads to wars, but this is not a simple war, but an intergalactic one. You can make your robot the strongest and increase the level of his skills and power so much that then there is no doubt – your robot can easily overcome the unfriendly alien robots. Sometimes, to get the right resources, players use a variety of forbidden methods, for example hack ExoGears2, but remember that it can also act in an entirely opposite mood and add more problems to you, rather than fix what you wanted. To get more pleasure from the game and battles, you need to use reliable and proven methods. Robots can save their planet if you help them in this difficult matter. It’s important to be watchful, because enemies can attack at any moment.

Cheats codes ExoGears2 for Android and IOS:

• 19 800 Gold Coins – P_349rjidcwe
• Double Resources – K_289webfid

But in the war not only robots take part. Members of the military crew are people, including pilots, engineers and soldiers. You must properly allocate resources and build an ideal spaceship. In order to improve the gameplay, you do not need to download ExoGears2 mod. These methods have long been in the past, because there are special secret codes.

Review of the game, the secrets of the passage:

In order to build a real spacecraft that will withstand all the tests in space, your team must grab for every chance of obtaining resources. After the battle of the robots, you can collect the remains of enemies and use them for their own purposes. If you do not have enough details, you can enter cheats ExoGears2, which will allow you to open chests with all necessary accessories more often.

Building a ship and buying spare parts for robots is only a means for battles, your main goal should be the desire to become invincible guardians of the galaxy. You can fight with alien robots and enemy ships. All this will make you feel like part of a great mission.

Moreover, you will lead this mission and get a lot of adrenaline when your team overcomes the next barrier. For a complete game you need to share this article in social networks. Thus, you can read the instruction on the introduction of secret codes. This is a necessary step if you are set for a serious game and a victory.

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