Exploration Craft Cheats for Android and iOS, Gold and Crystals for free

The Exploration Craft is an interesting application where you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. Everything around consists of cubes. The whole world is made of cubes, and you have only one goal – to survive. You need to look for building materials to build your own housing. On it you need a lot of wood and stones. You need to equip it and strengthen it so that it protects you at night, because many monsters appear at night. You can also tame animals, plant cultures. By developing your farm you will not have to worry about food. Everything around consists of cubes and therefore both trees and animals will be in the form of cubes. Having our cheat codes Exploration Craft you will have enough money and crystals to improve your life.

Cheats Exploration Craft for Android:

  • Use the code to get 400 000 money for purchases in the game – Kmfge748
  • Use the code to get 300,000 crystals for purchases in the game – KJdvfy56

Hack Exploration Craft for Android, and get a lot of money and crystals. Cheat codes you get completely free. You do not need to buy special device rights or anything to download. And so you do not pick up any viruses, since our codes are absolutely safe for your device. All cheat codes World of Cubes – Exploration Craft can be used very many times. How to use them, you will see below on the site. Clicking on the link in the detailed instructions will describe everything.


Exploration Craft for Android – in this application you will find yourself in a random place of a world that is unfamiliar to you, which consists of cubes. Home Your goal in the game is to survive. You will be able to extract various building materials – a stone tree and so on. Build a home that can become your defensive fortress at night, when many different monsters come to the surface of the earth. Also you can develop your farm, grow different cultures, tame animals, if you do this, then you do not have to worry about your food. Graphics in the game Exploration Craft mod is presented in the style other games, it is interesting and fun to play, but for a long time the game will not take you, as the game process starts to get bored fast enough. Download mod Exploration Craft on your device you can find on the link under the description.

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