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Extreme Car Driving hack

Extreme Car Driving hack consists of three types of racing: free riding, checkpoints, and traffic modes. To open a certain car will have to travel a few kilometers and earn credits (money) or use cheats to hack Extreme Car Driving and get them all at once for free.

Cheat codes Extreme Car Driving for free, Android and iOS:

  • Remove ads – O-3g9g8
  • View all cars (cars) – T-bgf239
  • Russifier (translated into Russian) – Q-fh2308f
  • Extreme Car Driving Update – E-hf239f
  • A lot of money- V-fh0239f
  • The machine does not break down – B-fh2038tf
  • Cheats for loans – J-r2g1fr9
  • If the game slows, crashes or does not load, enter the code – X-hg03t892

In general, the application leaves a lot of conflicting thoughts, on the one hand, a lot of transport models on the detail of which the developers have worked well, on the other – the terrible world around them. Cars also have properties to fight and break, so they must be constantly repaired with the help of a wrench drawn on the left. Control to choose from: accelerometer, steering wheel, buttons. If you do not like the location of the camera, you can change it (there are many kinds of species here).

The hacked version of Extreme Car Driving for ios, android, not mod:

Also in Extreme Car Driving, the user expects a large number of trampolines and bonuses, which must be selected to unlock rare types of cars. Also on the map there are boxes, you can go where you can change the appearance of the car and refresh the paint.

In the hacked version of Extreme Car Driving, you can remove the interfering, annoying ads with the help of letter cheats and codes. Also the game is completely translated into Russian, a new update puts the Russifier and unlocks all the models of the machines.

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