Faily Skater Cheat codes for Gold, Unlock all characters, tips for iOS and Android

A successful and well-known mobile game developers company presents a new exciting arcade Faily Skater. Before, you could ride a car or a motorcycle, but now you can get a lot of adrenaline driving your hero, who is racing at a huge speed on the skateboard. In order to get an unlimited number of gold coins, you can either pay real money in the gaming store, or use other methods. Very often they violate the rules of the game, as an example of hacking Faily Skater. But there are methods by which you can easily get even more resources than after using traditional methods. If you want to unlock all possible items in the game and not pay real money for it, then read this article. Thanks to it, you can change the gameplay and make it much more interesting. Most importantly, you do not need to get the rights to hack or download various files. You get a security guarantee in this way.

Bonus codes Faily Skater for Android and Ios:

• Remove Ads – B # _fh9we
• Skater Kid – N # _dj3di
• GI – E # _du4cw
• Pool full of Coins – O # _kd8fh
• Large Key Bag – P # _du3oc
• Coffin – S # _dw5nv
• Baller – V # _fv7di
• Astro Skater – l # _dc0dp

You can also change your player. For this, there is a game store. So you can choose not only new clothes or shoes. You can change the hairstyle, hair color and even skin color. As you already know, you can unlock paid players that look ridiculous and guaranteed to cheer you up. It’s not difficult at all, you just need to enter the codes in your game account that you see above.

Cheats Faily Skater for obtaining gold coins and unlocking characters for free:

If you played the previous versions of this game, then you already know how to correctly and easily manage the character on the skateboard. But if you are a beginner and want to get a lot of gold coins Faily Skater for a quick start, then you need to learn the correct management in the game. Experience and ability to respond quickly are the main factors of a successful game.

But if you combine all these elements and also know how to enter secret codes without downloading Faily Skater mod – you are guaranteed to become the champion and will set new records again and again. To do this, share this article on social networks and get access to the instructions. In it everything is very simple and accessible, described. Use secrets and get many bonuses and adrenaline.


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