Fairy Craft Cheats, Rubies and Cash for free, Android and iOS Tips

Rate the hacked Fairy Craft. Obtain the necessary wood, stone, ore, blocks or rubies.

Fairy Craft is a world of adventure where every player has a place. In the arcade game Magic Craft, you will travel to the remote thickets of the Southern Forest and fight with the dangerous ancient force awakened after one natural cataclysm. On freedom there was a mighty force, and at once has destroyed all mushroom pickers and the hunters who have appeared in an evil hour in a wood. In turn, the inhabitants of nearby villages who do not yet know about the impending army of monsters.

Cheat codes Fairy Craft for free, Android and iOS:

  • To get 580 000 Rubies – Ns-cfr30y9gh for free.
  • Unlock + 5 Items – Al-cfrh3ghoih for free.
  • No Ads – Wl-fr3y09fh for free.
  • To get Double all Resources – PQ-fhyt3029g.

Download the cheat Fairy Craft and help people to save themselves and defeat the ancient power. In a game very similar to Minecraft, you need to have a lot of useful resources to pass. Extraction of resources in the Magic Craft is as important as battles with the army of the formidable leader Gommler. This free cheat will give you all the resources – wood, stone, ore, blocks, rubies. With their help, you will be able to equip your small unit and to forge in the workshop a combat-ready weapon. And while other players who fight with you will earn resources, passing additional missions and carrying out assignments of the villagers, you will concentrate on the main tasks of the arcade.

Secrets and Tips Fairy Craft:

Interact with the locals, and they will willingly share with you useful information and reveal the small secrets of their locality. Since you downloaded Fairy Craft breaking – a small program that will provide you with a lot of resources – you can immediately build defensive fortifications. And how best to do this, the old monk, who lives at the foot of the mountain, will tell. Ask him for help: he knows everything about Gommler. Hacking the game will help you get in your inventory a pick that destroys buildings, a crossbow for long-range shooting and a magical mind protecting from magical curses.

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