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fallout 4 passing the first mission

Good afternoon, today, according to numerous requests, we will begin the passage of the cult game fallout 4. Many users of the vseig.ru website were expecting it, because this is a real hit, the classic and just the most magnificent game.

We are waiting for the first, an introductory mission called the “nuclear principle”. we see a screen saver telling: “War, the war never changes.” In 1945, my great-great-grandfather served in the army and wondered if he would return home to his wife and son, who had never seen him, and his wish came true. “When the United States completed the Second World War , dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The world froze in anticipation of a nuclear apocalypse.
But a miracle happened: we began to use nuclear energy not for military purposes, but for peaceful purposes. What once seemed like the lot of science fiction writers: everyday robots, thermonuclear fusion machines, portable computers – all this became a reality.

But already in the twenty-first century, the American dream dissipated like smoke. Years of thoughtless consumption led to the depletion of reserves of all natural resources. The world cracked at the seams. Now in fallout 4, 2077. Humanity stands on the threshold of a new world war. And I’m scared. It’s terrible for myself, for my wife, for my little son. During the time spent in the army, I understood something … the war … never changes. ”

Passage missys nuclear start of the game fallout 4

Everything starts at the mirror, we consider the main character. After a small dialogue with his wife, you can transform the appearance, skin color, sex, body and much more to your liking. After that we look around in the apartment, but suddenly a strange stranger from Volt-Teck (the company that builds underground complexes for the most advanced technologies) comes to visit. For what the main character did for the country, his family was provided with a free shelter 111.

Further in fallout 4, the passage of the “nuclear start” mission is suggested to scatter the characteristics of the main character: strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, luck and dexterity. Perception is your ability to notice what is happening around you. It affects the accuracy of the weapon. Dexterity determines the speed of your reflexes and the accuracy of movements. On it depends the number of points of action and the ability to act secretly. The strength in fallout 4 determines the physical capabilities of your musculature: how much weight you can carry and how much you cause melee damage. Endurance determines the physical preparation of the character. It determines the maximum health reserve in falut 4 and the expense of the action points for acceleration. Charisma determines the ability to influence others. It depends on your credibility in conversations, as well as the prices of merchants.

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Then the worst happens: on television there is an emergency report on two nuclear explosions. Communication breaks, it is urgent to flee to the shelter. As soon as you reach the elevator, another powerful explosion takes place, but you manage to take cover. Next, follow the doctor who invites you to the capsule for san treatment from radiation. You slowly fall asleep and wake up from interrupted creative sleep. Before you is a picture where your child is taken from the hands of the mother, and she is killed, and the main character again falls asleep.

Further in fallout 4, the passage of the mission “nuclear start” re-awakening due to technical malfunction, it is necessary to leave the shelter. Found rod, stimulant, cigarette and pencil. On the way to the exit we come across the Radtarakans. In the room we find a 10 millimeter pistol with a small amount of cartridges and stimulants fallout 4. Stimulants restore thirty percent of the maximum level of health and heal limb injuries.

Next, continue the passage of falaut 4: open the door thanks to the computer on the table. Further in the opened room we find the cryolator, but you can not get it, to open the box you need a hairpin.

Fallout 4: If you do not want to be discovered, avoid bright light, use hand-to-hand techniques and move slowly with the capsule key.

At last, among the corpses, the main character finds Pip-buoy and puts it on his wrist. With it, we start the processor opening the door of the shelter. We return to the surface. In the gazebo we find a bottle of Molotov and Rad-X cocktail. We return home, in the first of the cottages we find nucleus-cola and rotten eggs.

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