Fantaforce hack Android, free Money, Gold & Gems. Free cheat codes

The Fantaforce role-playing game has good graphics and many elements that make this game special and differentiate it from other games of this genre. Your hero moves around the entire playing field, you can control it with one finger. In order to produce a shot, you can simply touch the screen. The number of bullets during a shot depends on the type of weapon that you buy. But even at the beginning of the game you can attack the enemy with three bullets at the same time. Enemies, which are becoming more and more during the passage of the level, can appear from nowhere, will also attack you. And in order to defend yourself and start an effective attack you must have money Fantaforce. All virtual resources you can buy for real money, but what if there is no such desire? The real fans of the game are looking for all sorts of methods to get a virtual currency.

Cheat codes Fantaforce:

  • 63 000 Gold Coins – Wy#sApe129
  • 90,000 Stars (Gems) – Dn#q1pYReQ

The codes that you see above, this is not hack Fantaforce. You just have to enter from in your account. In a few minutes you will receive the necessary resources, in the amount indicated above. You can choose different characters in the game. Each of them has many skills. Try to realize your goal and go through all the levels to the end. You must expose the enemies and give victory to your friends.

With each level, the enemy will become stronger and stronger. Do not think that you will be able to defeat him by downloading  Fantaforce mod. In most cases, you expose your mobile device to danger. Downloading different files of their suspicious sites can lead to viruses and other bad consequences. But using the secrets that are indicated in this article you get a security guarantee.

Cheats Fantaforce were designed to test the game and quickly get gold coins and stars. You will be able to buy more than a hundred items that will increase the strength of your hero, as well as improve his experience. For the successful passage of the game, these are mandatory elements, without which no gamer can do without. Create a personal strategy and share this information with your friends. This will help you get even more money in the game.

Fantaforce cheat codes


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