Fantasy Conflict Cheat codes for Android and iOS, free Coins, Unlock all

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Fantasy Conflict Hack and cheats for Android and iOS, not mod, free Coins

How to hack Fantasy Conflict and get a lot of coins?

Fantasy Conflict – another hit game from Gaijin Distribution, which gave us a chic Modern Conflict. The player is to protect the honor of Salodor IV, disorderly King Baldoria, in whom the treacherous gnomes stole a magic crystal. And the whole royal army is now ready to attack the enemy using magic of several kinds, magic amulets, ballistic rockets made of wood and even military airships! More than 30 exciting missions, an interesting storyline, exciting gameplay and a firm sense of humor of developers – all this almost immediately made Fantasy Conflict megapopular game.

Cheat codes Fantasy Conflict for Android and iOS for free:

  • Free code Ns-vfht302 will gives you 700 000 Coins.
  • No Ads – Ms-fhr320 for free

But this does not mean that the walk will be easy – cheating Fantasy Conflict in some cases is simply necessary. Already many have noted that the enemy, although artificial intelligence, but fights no worse than a living opponent. Therefore, even experienced players often face a shortage of game currency needed to improve locks and spells. But hacking Fantasy Conflict will help to quickly solve this problem – a small application is installed in a couple of clicks, and allows you to compete on an equal footing with the enemy even at the highest level of complexity.

Secrets and Tips Fantasy Conflict, not mod:

Capturing cities and provinces, the army of Salodor IV must go a long and hard way to the lair of the main villain – the dwarven chancellor Odin von Nasmark. Chit Fantasy Conflict does not affect the operation of the application, allows you to save the progress of the game and opens the way to numerous achievements and awards, including achievements on the service Heyzap. The mode of playing with infinite money (fantasy conflict unlimited coins) does not interfere with the full operation of the application. In addition, hacking Fantasy Conflict removes annoying ads from the splash screen when launched – now nothing will distract from your favorite game!

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