Fantasy Myst hack & Codes for Android & iOS, secrets & Tips cheat

Download free Fantasy Myst on Android and iOS and participate in exciting battles. This is a role-playing game, here you can collect Pokémon, develop them and create teams. Travel on the map, explore new territories and fight with enemies. Fantastic pets and all their evolutions you can conduct in your own laboratory. Create your own character and choose your pets for your team. Earn experience and unlock new evolutions. Each pet has its own characteristics of strength and health, as well as crown strikes. Use them during the battle to inflict more damage on the enemy. In the game there are several currencies, gold, crystals and energy. Often, players try to use the Fantasy Myst hack to get precious stones for free. Money allows the player to conduct more battles and quickly raise the level. Energy removes restrictions on the number of battles conducted and allows you to play without restrictions.

Fantasy Myst Codes for Android:

  • 1,420 gems – Q9ZN#L0PL6
  • 52,350 gold for free – ZM1O#M3IFI
  • Restore energy – FCWM#2957X
  • Get a double experience (enter every time you start the game) – ZAJJ#QDDRX

Participate in battles without restrictions, quickly increase the level and unlock pets. Collect a team of different Pokémon and create an unbeatable combo. Using diamonds and gold, you can carry out upgrades quickly and without restrictions. To use the bonus codes the player does not need to download Fantasy Myst mod, or to receive special device rights.

Tips, review and secrets of the game:

The game has high-level graphics, bright characters, dynamic battles. Hurry to get more in the game, the number of players is growing rapidly. Get resources and a strong team before the official release. The game has many limitations in the form of energy and premium currency. To make purchases and spend real money, or use secrets and tricks, the choice of everyone. But having gold and diamonds on the account, the player gets a significant advantage. Energy recovery, quick improvements and more experience in a short time.

All this can be obtained through the game store, without spending real money. The Fantasy Myst cheats allow you to play at the level of the richest donators. Choose your favorite Pokemon and develop its characteristics to the maximum. Spend an unlimited number of battles and get VIP status to quickly raise the level. This will open up to you new species and evolution of pets. Combine different characters into a team and win over bosses and other players. Share your secrets with friends and compete in achievements.

Fantasy Myst android


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