Fare Refusal Cheat for Android, free Money, Tips, Guide

Download free Fare Refusal and become the boss on the road. Ride your rules, destroy other cars, use nitro and earn money. Create traffic jams, move on the counter, move freely around the city in this arcade. Choose clients and deliver them to the right place as quickly as possible. They will reward you well and you will be able to improve your car. Many players are looking for hack Fare Refusal to get coins for free. In this article you will find secrets and tips on how to get a lot of money for free. Using the bonus codes, any player can unlock any car and use boosters without restrictions. Use nitro and increase the shock resistance of the car. Do not be afraid of accidents and move freely around the city. Set records and compete with friends.

Fare Refusal Codes:

  • 35 000 coins for free – 1kqnbp_#of
  • Disable ads – 07ars9_#7m
  • Unlock all levels and modes – ooo876_#dc

Play without limits, use the fastest and durable cars. Open different maps and move around the regions of Hong Kong freely. Unlock all cars, buy them and repair them after accidents. Play with paid options and improve your score. Using cheats Fare Refusal a player can get more points and money for completing tasks.

Secrets, advice passing:

The arcade game has 2D graphics, quite simple and not remarkable. The developers have focused on the gameplay, here it is dynamic and quite interesting. At the beginning of the game, you choose the look of your hero, buy a cheap car and start bombing the metropolis. Just control with the joystick and the display of gear. Follow the direction you need, pick up customers and deliver them to the right place.

Over time, tasks become complex. Many are trying to find and download Fare Refusal mod to get unlimited coins. But you can get money without risks and downloading third-party programs. Using the bonus codes the player receives coins and can buy the most expensive cars, faster and with unlimited nitro.

Fare Refusal hack

Perform complex tasks and compete with the results with your friends.


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