Fatal Raid free Gema for Android & iOS, Secret & Tips

Participate in the rescue of the earth from the zombie apocalypse, download for free Fatal Raid. This is an exciting action game on Android and iOS, use the secrets to get gold coins and precious stones for free. Bonus codes allow the player to replenish the account with resources, gain more experience and unlock paid weapons. Participate in online battles, as well as perform PvP tasks. To get resources, the player does not need to use Fatal Raid hack, or use other tricks. Destroy entire hordes of undead and increase your skills. Now you are in the ranks of the special rescue squad. Follow a single script and get experience with special operations. Increasing the level, enter online battles with other players and show your abilities. Everyone can get additional resources for development.

Fatal Raid codes:

  • Elite Soldiers Kit – zFSTodQ#54
  • 2508 Gems – NsjCXvE#76
  • Gold currency package – XeLRkjf#87
  • Zombie Survival Kit – BPpmdNN#96
  • 1716 Gems – RcKjne6#07
  • Level achievement package – Gk8u1HS#74

Use secrets to become a super soldier. Use secrets to gain an advantage and clean the city. Fans of shooters will appreciate the gameplay of the game and will be able to enjoy the depth of the story. Unlock the most powerful weapons for yourself and use it for online battles. Cheats Fatal Raid will give you complete freedom of purchase, get free sets from the game store and use them for shopping.

Review of the game, tips for passing, free gems

Free game on mobile devices gives a unique experience of the shooter FPS shooter. Enter the ranks of special forces to clean the city of zombies. The game has a good graphics and gives a unique game experience that has a deep plot. This is a rarity for action games, here you will have to investigate the incidents in the city of Nova City. Get to the center, cleaning the city of evil, earn experience and discover new weapons.

Each player can enjoy the gameplay without downloading Fatal Raid mod. Get free kits from the game store, use gems to buy weapons and other items. Single tasks require you to have the skills of owning different weapons. Destroy enemies with a sniper rifle, shotguns and pistols. Manage the task and take on the main role of the savior of the city. For this, get great rewards and exclusive items.


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