Fire Emblem Heroes for Android free Orbs. Secret & Tips

Between the worlds opened up the floodgates, you need to protect the universe from the scourge. To do this, under your leadership will be located dozens of characters. Fire Emblem Heroes is a new strategy RPG from Nintendo company’s mobile devices. Anyone can download the game for free on your Android or ios device for free. But there are in-game purchases, and if you want to unlock all the characters, you need to invest, or use tricks. The game is set up to work on touch screens. In the story, there are two opposing kingdoms The Emblian Askran empire and kingdom in the world. And in order to save the kingdom from the seizure of the empire, the most legendary heroes are called upon to fight. Salvation is in your hands, unlock all the characters and use their ability in battle. Secrets will help you in the passing game.

Codes Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • 75,000 free Orbs – TG#bNXHz0
  • Unlock all the characters – Gz#pqV2Cu

You have a unique opportunity to call on characters from different worlds. It is necessary for the salvation of kingdom. Its future will depend on your skills. In your hands will be stored cards it can be used to summon the warriors. Take part in turn-based battles. Choose the right strategy for the management of the fight. To do this you will need the experience and knowledge of all the advantages and disadvantages of your heroes. Players looking for a hack Fire Emblem Heroes, to get the most powerful the warriors and buy weapons for them.

Control of the game is quite simple, you need to fight to hold the hero card over the enemy. This would allow for the attack and inflict damage. Proper assessment of capabilities will enable you to combating stronger opponents. The game has many legendary characters Fire Emblem series and some brand new characters created by the artist Yusuke Kozaki.

Fire Emblem Heroes free orbs

The game has several modes. If you get bored to pass the storyline, you can always have fun and engage in battles with other players. The developers promise to add new characters, download mod Fire Emblem Heroes and get all the heroes for free. Resources in the game are available and legal way, passing the job on different levels of complexity. The higher it is, the more reward you will get for passing. You will find many allies and adventure, share with friends your achievements after using the secrets.

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