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New fishing on your mobile device, Fishing Ground. It is available for free on Android, you can enjoy fishing anywhere. The game begins with the selection of the sex of the character, then you will pass a small study. The accent is not placed on the process of catching a new trophy, or a new species. To catch a fish you have to click on the screen abruptly changing direction. And even to catch fish of 20 cm is necessary to make a lot of effort, it behaves like a giant.  First you need to shorten the distance, and then tire out it. The process is not simple, but the game and the many kinds of dangers lying in wait, so it will be interesting to try. Fishing Ground Money presented in the form of dollars and gold coins. But one of the main constraints are energy. She quickly comes to an end and stops to explore the interesting places.

Purchases Fishing Ground:

  • 150,000 Coins for free – CyaT5fkq
  • $ 10 000 – hLlrW7Qr
  • Restore energy – uQ3NBUXv
  • Double experience – DPdYgN7f

The strength, sharpness and quick response is necessary for you to catch a big fish. But other than that and you may be in danger in this game. With a small boat you may be subject to a shark attack. Yes, yes, fishing in the sea is dangerous enough, so be prepared to walk away from a predator. The game is aimed at adrenaline and very active fishing, so fans watch the float to make it here. Before you cast a line you can select the bait, bait and more.

The choice of bait depends on what you’ll end up trying to catch. Of course it is interesting to catch different fish, different sizes. But buying expensive items in the game store needs money. Therefore, many are looking for hack Fishing Ground CBT, or cheat resources. It should be understood that the registration in the game you tie the device to Google Play and similar tricks will not work. You can only use the resources of the game, which is a game store.

Fishing Ground coins

The level of the game will depend on your experience and the number of fish caught.  This will not only get great rewards, but also discover new places on the map. Catching a big fish, you get more reward. But it is very important to understand if you can pull it, or simply lose energy. Cheat Fishing Ground is to be able to play without restrictions. In a large number of adventure game, which is worth a try. Catch fish with friends, catch a big fish, travel to mysterious islands and play without restrictions.

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