Flick Arena Cheat Codes for Diamonds and Gold for Android without mod downloading

The new strategic game Flick Arena is much different from the classic strategic games. The main skill in the game should be the ability to calculate the correct flight path of the ball. These balls are your heroes. Enemies look exactly the same, but of course, they have a different color and image. Your goal, like in chess, is the killing of the king. You can destroy it with constant attacks, or throw it into the pit, which is in the middle of the playing field. To improve the capabilities of your characters, players are looking for a hack Flick Arena. But this does not mean that this method works. You have to get a lot of virtual resources in order to become an absolute champion. The first levels in the game are very light, but the following will require you to have a lot of skills and the availability of gold coins or crystals, which are the main currency in the game. You can not be afraid to use this method, described in our article, it does not pose a danger to your mobile device or to your gaming account.

Cheat Codes Flick Arena for Android and IOS:

• 2 000 Gold – P # _Fh39erf
• 99,000 Diamonds – M # _Jr93cjo

Get a lot of experience and skills thanks to the codes that you see above. This will allow you to become a real king of battles and overcome enemies in just a few moves. Use our secrets without downloading Flick Arena mod or entering personal data, which will protect your account and mobile device.

How to use Flick Arena cheats for free getting diamonds and gold:

If you need to get a quick victory, you can use all the necessary items and tips that are in the game store. Previously, you had to save these funds, as to earn a huge amount of them is very difficult. Now you can not do this and enjoy the game in full.

The specified amount of gold and diamonds Flick Arena is available to every player. Another thing is how to correctly enter these codes so that you can get a lot of resources for free. To do this, you need to unblock the instruction that is on our site. It will be available to you after you distribute this article on social networks. Get a lot of privileges and compete with other players online.


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