Fling Fighters free Gold, Keys for Android, Secret & Tips

The new arcade game Fling Fighters on one hand is very easy to manage, but on the other hand is very difficult. You have a certain hero to manage. The essence of the game is that you need to defeat the enemy, which attacks your fighter just like your hero is attacking the enemy. You can be amazed by the fact that these attacks can occur with the help of a variety of items, including bananas, hammers, stones and everything in a row. Hack Fling Fighters is what every player is looking for to get a virtual currency free of charge, which is represented in the game with gold coins, crystals and keys. You know perfectly well that everything must be paid for this. But not with us. You are lucky, because you have already found this article, which contains all the secrets you need.

Bonus codes Fling Fighters for Android and Ios:

  • 50 Keys – Fl2*nkdlh
  • Double Gold – RKb*smbHN
  • 3 000 Gems – Rxz*a2VEr

Thanks to the resources that you see above, you can buy absolutely any player. In order to gain access to other characters, you must raise your level. You can do this thanks to a large number of wins in the game. Enter Fling Fighters cheats and get the above resources quickly and for free. Do not worry, this method does not violate the rules of the game. You just need to enter the codes according to the instructions that are on our website.

How to get a lot of resources, the secrets of passing the game:

This is not a simple arcade game. You must have the right strategy in order to defeat the rivals one by one. You need to get used to managing the game. If the opponent is actively approaching you – you must immediately jump off or come very close to it. Otherwise, the enemy can strike you with a death blow. Also, try to avoid a direct hit in the head.

If the enemy manages to do this several times in a row, then you will lose the fight. You can use the resources without downloading Fling Fighters mod and improve your players. If you have acquired a new hero, this does not guarantee you a victory. You must raise its level and monitor the indicators of strength, endurance and buy new weapons. Access the instructions and share this article on social networks.


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