Flip Master Cheats for Gold and Coins for free, Android and iOS Secrets and Tips

The new game Flip Master blew up the virtual world and conquered many players with its graphics and physics. It would seem nothing special, the guy is just jumping on a trampoline, but in this game you are waiting for a lot of impressions and an explosion of emotions. You do not just jump, you need to learn to balance, land on your feet or on your back, the most important thing is not to hit your head or other part of your body against the trampoline’s side. In order to become a real star, in this game you need a lot of training and of course, use some tricks in order not to spend real money. For example, many people use the Flip Master hack. But it’s worth remembering that this method does not always help to get a lot of resources for free. Very often this can be a fatal outcome for a gamer. Check the information that you read on different sites and do not download various files that can cause you suspicion.

Cheat codes Flip Master for Android and IOS:

  • 6,000 Gold – B#d9ewi7
  • Double Gold Coins – N#jcunxo3

Gold coins and gold are two different currencies in the game. In order to gain access to their use in unlimited quantities, you must share this article in social networks. The Flip Master cheats allow you to buy many items in the game store. There you can find everything you need and even buy a new player who will have more skills than the previous one. You can control a guy or girl with a different skin color, hair and figure.

Gold Flip Master, how to get a lot of resources, game secrets, game review:

In the virtual store there are also many items that will help you protect your hero from bumps and make him bounce even higher. In the first place – it’s a trampoline. You can choose the very best trampoline, which will have more or less strength, depending on your wishes. Also, very important items is clothing.

In order for your hero to suffer less from strikes, you can buy him quality clothes or even funny costumes, all at your discretion. Create a game and fully enjoy the gameplay without downloading Flip Master mod. At first glance, the game is rather monotonous, but you should get a lot of gold and you will realize that in this game there are a lot of hidden pluses. Become a true champion in trampoline jumping.


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