Flipping Legend Cheat, Codes, for Android – Tips, for free Gold Coins

In the extreme action game Flipping Legend you can use not only weapons, but also spells, potions and your own fists. Everyone who likes this game wants to get a lot of money for the development of the game process. But you know that this is not so simple, because all the ways that you previously found on the Internet simply do not work. But do not give up, because progress does not stand still. There is a way that will help you make your hero very strong and almost immortal. This is not hack Flipping Legend, these are the usual codes that were developed for testing the game. This is why you can use the codes that you see below, without any fear. The graphics in the game are very colorful and interesting. Despite the fact that it is pixel, there are many fans of games of this type. Do not wait, read the instructions and enter secret codes that will make your game even better.

Bonus codes Flipping Legend for Android and Ios:

  • Double XP – X7V_#oa2fS
  • 18 00 Gold Coins – Htr_#9Cunp

It is very important to maintain high speed and a clear rhythm during the passage of the game, cheats Flipping Legend will help you do this, because you will have even more awards and wins. In between certain periods of time, you can open chests with treasures. This is always very interesting and unpredictable, and now you have the opportunity to open even more chests even more often.

Secrets of obtaining gold coins, game review:

In the game there are eight characters that will help you unlock all the super abilities of your hero. If you do this, you will learn new secrets and facets of the game, which you already fully knew. As for entering personal data and downloading Flipping Legend mod – it’s absolutely useless and unnecessary. Of course you can try using these methods, but we do not recommend doing this, it does not make sense.

Our cheat codes work and bring a lot of gold coins, lives, other resources only in the official version of the game. That is, you must download the game only from the official site. Unlock new dangerous maps and locations, this will diversify the gameplay and add more thrills. And in order to learn more secrets and codes, you can share this article on social networks.

Flipping Legend cheat codes


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