Flippy Knife Cheat codes for knives and secrets for Android and iOS without mod

Flippy Knife, where you have to throw knives in wooden objects. But you do not need to get into any goal. The most important idea is to throw the knife in such a way that it hits the blade in a table or other object. After that, you are waiting for a new stage, more or less complicated. In order to get enough experience and properly throw the knife, so that it gets into the object from the first time, you have to devote a lot of time to the game. After that, you can use hack Flippy Knife, which will give you many new knives. Some of them have a bizarre shape, some may seem quite threatening, but they all have the same function. The more expensive the knife, the better to manage them. Some of them have a large blade plane, which allows to hit accurately into a wooden table or other object.

Bonus codes Flippy Knife for Android and Ios:

  • Buy small knives – K#f9ecde
  • Buy a knife “Fantasy” – L#dji93d
  • Buy knives brand – O#c0mdjf3
  • Buy mystical knives – M#jd03ek4
  • Buy a box of axles – N#h93ehc3
  • Buy hunting knives – J#f8hrt9ch

The trajectory of the knife fall is not accidental. You may think that this depends on luck, but no. You can calculate the angle of flight and direct the knife to where you need it. But again, for this you need a lot of experience and stable classes, as in everything where you want to succeed. Using the Flippy Knife cheats, you can make the game more diverse and interesting, but you still need experience.

Many Flippy Knife knives, game management secrets, review:

You can try to hit the target several dozen times, but you will not be able to do it. And at this point, you need to analyze the trajectory of the throw. If the knife falls too far, then it is necessary to reduce the force of the throw or increase its height. In order for the game to become incredibly interesting, you do not need to download Flippy Knife mod.

You just have to share your game with your friends on social networks. This will allow you to unlock the instructions on our website. Enter the codes and enjoy a huge variety of knives and axes, change the location and experiment with throws. Collect gold coins, get bonuses and compete with your friends.


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