Food Truck Chef Cooking Game hack Android, free Gems and Money, Cheat codes

A game from the best developer for those who like to cook and eat. Download Food Truck Chef ™: Cooking Game for free for Android and IOS you can after a while. At the moment the game is in the testing phase. But even in this period you have the opportunity to get a lot of precious stones and gold coins in the game. Games in which you need to cook food are always bright. The dishes turn out to be realistic and appetizing. It attracts gamers. Thus, the game becomes very popular. Developers want to make money on the game. That’s why if you want to achieve high results in the game, you need to buy premium currency in the form of gold coins and precious stones. In order to avoid spending real money, gamers use the hacki Food Truck Chef ™: Cooking Game. But very often it does not help. Why is this happening and are there any proven ways to obtain virtual resources?

Cheat Codes Food Truck Chef ™: Cooking Game:

  • 1200 Gems – CA#uXDwN0Cv
  • 18,000 Gold Coins – 3Q#2c2NOUPV

You work in a small van with a trailer. In order to feed all the visitors on time, you need to have a lot of dishes and ingredients. Having a lot of money Food Truck Chef ™: Cooking Game – gold coins, crystals, you can buy all these items. Sometimes you can serve the visitors in turn. And in this situation you do not need to hurry. But there are times when you need to cook food for several people at the same time. This significantly complicates the task.

The more resources you have, the more interesting the gameplay will be. Customers will order interesting food, and cooking time will decrease more and more quickly. Some gamers think that if you download the mod Food Truck Chef ™: Cooking Game, then the game will become easier and more interesting. We can not agree with this. The fact is that downloading various files and entering personal data can harm your mobile device. Do not expose your mobile device to danger.

Food Truck Chef Cooking Game cheat codes

In addition to the big queue, you will have other problems. If the food is very long standing on the stove, it can burn. In that case, you must throw it away and start cooking the dish first. If you make this mistake, you will have ten points removed. In order to speed up cooking, you can buy good dishes. You have all the necessary resources to improve the gameplay. Share this information with your friends and get a lot of experience.


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