Fortress of Champions free cheat codes for Android & iOS

It’s always nice to watch quality games, with good graphics and unique gameplay. Fortress of Champions is a free, card strategy on Android and iOS. While it is being launched, it will soon be public. After downloading this game you can enjoy the battles and the opportunity to create a protected fortress. Battles are not on the map with the towers, but inside the buildings themselves. And here you can install elements of protection, traps, to stop the enemies. To replenish the size of the warehouse, the player does not necessarily have to download mod Fortress of Champions, or look for hack of the games. Gold and precious stones are available for free, for those who know how to use bonus codes. They replenish the stock of your warehouse to the maximum. This allows you to freely play, open chests, get unique cards and carry out improvements. Increase the level of buildings in the fortress in order to strengthen protection. And just spend gold on increasing the characteristics of your cards.

Bonus codes Fortress of Champions:

  • Fill the warehouse with gold for a maximum – iue_9320*382
  • Get the maximum Gems – vbm_8329*723

Use the money to improve your own fortress. Increase the level to unlock new protection items. Use the tricks and watch the weak points of your defense to eliminate them. From this will depend on the safety of your resources. Hack Fortress of Champions gives the player the freedom of buying and the ability to play at the level of the best players and donators.

Review of the game, tips for passing and secrets

This strategy has a nice graphics with many unique elements and characters. The game takes place many years ago, when every king had his own fortress. And in those hard times democracy did not work, everything was solved by force. To get gold and precious stones you have to select them from others.

This brings not only resources, but also experience. Increasing the level will allow you to unlock new features of the game, as well as increase the rank of your fortress. It is very important to systematically develop defense and the army. Being on one level you can not be afraid of the robbed kingdoms and continue your reinforcement.

Use cheats Fortress of Champions, the player can use premium items, rare cards and speed up the processes. This is very important in modern gaming. After all, in the old games it’s very difficult to get into the top players. Using tips you can not only become one of the strongest, but also share opportunities with friends. Playing together, create a guild and help each other in difficult battles.


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