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Energy, improvements, money, tanks, cars, destruction of enemy waves, mines – all this is cheats Fortress TD. The island of Revoldor was a place of study of various mutagenic viruses, which were created by scientists for further testing on the human body. The goals of these studies were carefully classified. The epidemic of an unknown virus spread across the island in a very short time. Getting into a person’s limitation, the virus changed his DNA, turning it into a monster. Sometimes people changed so much that one could not even imagine the human past of these creatures. All cities, towns and military bases were captured by monsters.

Hacked Fortress TD for Android and iOS:

It took 3 years as an epidemic swept the whole of our island. Our special detachment helped in the defense of the western military base. Every day the monsters became bigger, they became stronger, smarter, more dangerous. When the monsters broke through the defenses, we managed to escape. Now we are forced to survive, to be saved and leave this ill-fated island. Three years have flown by like an instant and if we do not get out of this hell now, then it will be impossible to do it. We practically ran out of ammunition and provisions. If we manage to find a plane, we can leave the island. The account goes to the days, it’s time to get out of this place ….

The hacked version of the game Fortress TD offers: Energy – now your soldiers do not rest. You do not need to build a structure that increases energy (life forces). Concentrate on destroying the enemy. Cheats soldier – all improvements are open, new troops with increased characteristics have appeared. Money is the main currency in the game, necessary for building, improving, buying troops.

Cheat codes Fortress TD for free + bug fixes and bugs:

1. aO848ks
2. EQ956Jz
3. Lv346Y4
4. C3735gL
5. hF952aT
6. O8683BL
7. ih9764RY
8. xC264EY
9. F95463mD

Fortress TD android cheats, tips for passing

Manual reloading of cartridges – this function will help recharge weapons at any moment of the battle is of great strategic importance. You can improve any structure, thereby increasing their characteristics and properties. To work on a workbench you need a free soldier, the warehouse works autonomously. The generator needs to be restarted every 2 minutes. Do not forget to monitor the status of the characters – if the soldier has energy, it becomes slower by 70%. Send him to bed and he will restore some of his vitality.

Fortress TD hack

You do not need to download Fortress TD mod for use hack:

Tips: Build a kitchen or stove to restore energy. The kitchen is restored immediately to the whole detachment, but a soldier is needed to work in the kitchen. The stove works autonomously. But these structures replenish the energy much more slowly than the bed. In this game 4 types of difficulty: easy, normal, heavy and ultra. What determines the vital index of attackers. At your disposal is a platoon of soldiers whose skills can be gradually improved, creating different types of troops: snipers, submachine gunners, miners and so on. For each improvement, you will need to pay a considerable amount of money, so it’s better to think immediately which type of troops is most needed. The army is necessary to repel the attacks of the infected. For more effective deterrence and defense of troops build a fence – restrains monsters. A trap deals damage, and a barrier slows down enemies.

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