Fortune Quest Raid hack Android, free Gems and Gold Coins, not mod

Fortune Quest Raid is a free role-playing game on Android and iOS. Here you are expected to battle with monsters, a lot of improvements and updates. Wide opportunities for character development and the use of a large number of weapons and skills. To destroy monsters you need to tap them on the screen. The higher your level, the more damage you will cause in one stroke. Use magic, improve the skills of heroes during the battle. It costs coins and rubies, which you get as rewards for battles. Players want to use hack Fortune Quest Raid to get free money to the account. This allows you to quickly raise the level without donat and enjoy the game without limits. Collect a lot of coins for the battle fails, so you need to go through the battle again to gather the right amount of resources. Using secrets, you no longer have to tap so much.

Fortune Quest Raid cheat codes:

  • GUR93*C8i – 1,500 gems;
  • EUIX28*RiN – 500 000 gold coins for free;

Defeating monsters will give you a reward. But this is not enough to buy a new block of improvements. Therefore, the player has to look for tricks and other ways to get money. Without them, it is impossible to build a strong team and fight more powerful players. Updates, however, allow more damage and more experience and coins to be paid. Increase the strength and stamina of heroes to gain quick wins.

Downloading mod Fortune Quest Raid on Android and iOS is free. But you can not get unlimited resources, purchases in the game and battles take place with Internet connections. Using the codes, the player does not need to enter personal information, or get root or jailbreak rights. Everyone can get a significant amount of resources on the account for free. Just follow the steps in the instructions.

Passing through each stage of the game, you will meet more powerful bosses. Another appearance and weapons can be made available for the money Fortune Quest Raid. By renewing magic, you can survive in battles and gain victory. You can increase the performance of magic, physical skills and ATK. Enjoy a new role-playing game without limits, using the provided tips.

Fortune Quest:Raid cheat codes


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