Forward Assault free Cheat codes, free money and weapons

In recent years, came a lot of perspective Counter-Strike to mobile devices. Developers Forward Assault free on Android and iOS promise that this is the best version. Ever since the 90s CS is an example of success, almost everyone playing this game. Popularity has come since the time of LAN networks, when it was possible to fight in the network. Why did no one can repeat the success on mobile devices? It’s all about control, for excellent gameplay need accurate eye control.  It will never be as comfortable as the game on the PC. But this game claims to be the best in this genre. Using hack Forward Assault is necessary only for those who want to disable the advertising and taking more weapons in the fight. You can do without the use of tricks, but it reduces your chances of winning. Using the secrets you will not receive immortality, or the exact hit. This mobile game, and the possibility of hacking is limited.

Forward Assault cheat codes:

  • 50,000 free money – zF#42FRsl1N
  • Disable advertisement – mj@LJzeHa6B

This game we have seen with beta testing and can be seen changes in graphics. Detailing, cards and look not worse than in the 90’s. All of this on small screens, but the development at a decent level. In terms of management, it is carried out using a joystick on the left and right buttons shots. You can also use grenades, smoke bombs and more. But it’s worth the money, the player receives for each of their fight in a small amount.

Mod Forward Assault you can download for free only on Android. After a complete rework possible release on iOS. Fight will be online with players from all over the world. It is possible to create your own map with friends and fight together. Maps presented in the game as well reminded of the past, but maybe it’s good. While remain optimistic that the game is really worth.

Forward Assault  codes for Money

But as long as there is a beta test, you can get a lot of Forward Assault money to the account. Most likely they will remain on your account, and after the official release. The game will please gamers a multiplayer mode. Of course, you need an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet. Management requires getting used to, but expect him to be stupid computer accuracy. Use the secrets and tips to share with friends and fight together.


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