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A couple of days and millions of downloads in a new social network based on crypto currency. A lot of players are looking for secrets, or hack Nimses to get nimses for free. In this article we will consider the method of obtaining additional nimses on the account at registration, as well as the code for money after registration. But before this, we will conduct a short review of the game, as well as the reasons for such popularity in the first days of the release of the application.

Nimses is a free application on Android and iOS representing a social network with its own currency. Having registered, the user receives in reward nimses. It’s virtual husky, for which you can already buy coffee from several cities around the world. But the developers of this startup promise to work on a network of shops. So everyone hurried to register without knowing about the secrets and methods, how you can get a lot of resources for the very registration.

Nimses codes:

In any project it is important to lure a lot of stars, followed by their subscribers from other social networks. But fame requires a special invitation, except that they are paid for advertising, they receive 300,000 nimses free, by registering for a promo code. And if you did not know about it, then you can start a new account and take advantage of this opportunity.

  • 300 000 nimses, the code must be entered at registration – bd25mux06a

If you are already a registered user and do not want to start a new account, you can get 10 000 bonus nimses to the account for free.

  • 10 000 nimses for an existing account, enter the code – 1edozpe54c

Free nimses give the status of an angel and allow you to get into the top of the news and get more likes. Active users of social networks can invite friends who will register with your promo code. This will bring 4 tis nimses for each registered person. A little, but having told about the application of 10 friends, it turns out that there is enough quantity on the account.

Review app, tips

A free application has millions of users attracted them the prospect of getting money for free. The creators of the application promise in a year to assign the likes to their own rate. Naturally, he will have very little of him, so you need to think in advance how to get them a lot and earn more.

Quality content, this is the main idea of ​​the Nimses application. After all, a bad picture, you give money and you will be more selective when the question is so. This will make popular people who bring useful information to users. An important factor is the geo-location, an application tied to your location. Posting a post, it will be seen not only by your friends, but by those who are nearby. And using the code on the nimses, you can become an angel and cover a large audience.

How does registration, posts and huskies

Register in the application is very simple, it is enough to have a phone number, enter a name, a surname, add a photo to the profile, indicate your age. Those who received the invitation code from friends, could enter it, if you want to get 300 tis nimses free, use the code for the stars – 2vu0kha71x. It will soon be deleted, or modified, but while working, you can safely use it. As an example of work, look at my wife’s account, immediately after registering with the code, you get many nimses codes free and the title of “Angel.”

free nimses hack

Those who ask about how to become an Angel in Nimses, you can safely use the “star” registration. But do not forget about other methods of getting likes, it is very important to maintain activity.

How to develop an account and gain popularity

The game is based on currency, so you need to think before posting banal photos. There are no intragrams, but beautiful photos will be needed. Since the post will be seen by everyone in the district, you can write about the events of the area or the locality. Posting a post takes 100 nimses, and to get a plus, it’s important to collect 10 likes of 10, or 2 to 50. How more effective, will depend on your subscribers, their status and the amount of money on the account.

Put a photo in the profile, describe your personality, add users to close and ask to add you. The more subscribers, the more money you get for a day. Using the secret cheat code, the user receives a large stock of nimes that can simply be wasted, or make yourself popular. Become an angel, work on content and recruit subscribers.


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