FROM THE SEA free money for Android, secret cheat codes for Gems

Manage military aircraft and equip it with state-of-the-art weapons in the free game FROM THE SEA. Download it for free on Android and enjoy dozens of exciting missions. Manage the fighter, destroy the target with missiles and other weapons. Earn money and precious stones to buy new equipment. Raising the level you will be available new types of equipment and weapons. But to buy it you will need a lot of money, and to get them you can use secrets. Money in the game you will receive as a reward for completed assignments and missions. They will be charged for every action, accurate hits, performing complex maneuvers, and more. But the resources received will not be enough to buy new equipment. Often a player is looking for a hack  FROM THE SEA to get money in a tricky way. Following the instructions, you will learn how to get a lot of money in the game for free and without violating the rules of the game.


  • 50 000 money for free – Cif_#tFzbR
  • 5,000 gems – KJH_#21sHj

Review the game, how to pass and get a lot of money

The game has a good graphics, both for such a complex simulator. After all, to create a similar game, it takes a lot of work to create realistic physics, as well as its changes when choosing another aircraft. Each of them has its own characteristics and characteristics.

Using money obtained with the help of secrets, a player can not look for where to download cheats FROM THE SEA. And this allows you to freely play and develop your skills in the management of military equipment. In doing so, you will have many sensors to monitor. Battles really capture and are quite complex without the experience of playing in similar simulators.

Weapons, aircraft and aircraft improvements

Having received the simplest version of the aircraft, the player will have to perform training tasks. Controlling altitude, speed, distance, and also aiming requires attention and total absorption. You will manage with the help of an accelerometer, so you can forget about the game in transport. But this is not a minus, because lovers of military equipment will find time to enjoy a whole collection of real fighter models.

Downloading FROM THE SEA mod and getting a lot of money is a fantasy of the past. Use bonus codes to replenish your account with resources and buy weapons for it, improve and install new items. This will allow you to increase the characteristics and simplify the performance of complex tasks. Follow the step by step tips and get a lot of money on the account for free.


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