Fruit Juicy Mania Cheat codes for Diamonds, Lives, Gold Coins for Android

Open new incredible levels in this game and unlock all the puppies using a hack Fruit Juicy Mania. It’s entertaining, bright and fun game three in a row. The main thing is to monitor the number of moves that you have left to pass the level in the game and not lose. It often happens that a player must take a few more steps to win, but there is only one way to go. This is how most often players are in the role of losers. After downloading the Fruit Juicy Mania mod, you will not be able to get additional features in the game. This is very important information that will help to escape from many problems associated with downloading a variety of files for hacking the game.

Cheats Fruit Juicy Mania for Android:

  • To get 7,300 diamonds – K-fw08efyvd, for free purchases
  • Code V-fhy3048tye, will help to double the number of Gold coins
  • Get 6 Additional Lives – O-fh0w48ge0v, enter the code after the main life in the game ends

As you can see, the game is quite interesting, you can open eight wonderful levels in a bright style. Using free codes, do not forget that most of the players who have already downloaded this game are the leaders there. To break their records, you have a long way to go and getting a lot of experience. This is really not easy, given the fact that the gameplay is constantly becoming more complicated and the tasks are becoming increasingly confusing.

Use Fruit Juicy Mania cheats for Lives, Diamonds and Gold for free:

How can I get all of the listed resources for free? Using our hacking, you will do this very simply and easily. The first thing you should get is access to unlimited tools in the game. Thanks to this, you can ensure yourself a lot of pleasant impressions from the unlimited possibilities in the game. Unlock all puppies that look very funny and will help you through difficult levels.

The hacked game Fruit Juicy Mania is your free opportunity to get a lot more than all the other players and become a leader a lot faster. In order to improve the gameplay, you must get additional features in the game. Do this using our free secrets and discover the magical world of juicy berries and fruits that you need to combine to get the right combination. If you do not know how to enter the codes correctly, be sure to read the instructions on our website, which describes all the information you need.

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