FZ9 Timeshift Android hack, free money and Diamonds, not downlod mod

FZ9 Timeshift is a free shooter on Android and iOS in which the player assumes the role of a government agent. You got a secret serum to stop the time. It will help you in the battles against terrorists. But even with such an advantage the player needs modern weapons and energy to complete the task. Often, players are looking for a FZ9 Timeshift hack to get diamonds on the account. They allow not only to restore energy, but also to receive paid weapons and items. The presence of money allows you to quickly upgrade the character and improve its characteristics. In addition to single tasks, the player will need skills in battles against other players. Challenge the terrorist organization, collect expensive items and proceed to the battles in the arena. Here you can call friends and players around the world. Show your skills and arsenal of weapons for winning.

FZ9 Timeshift cheat codes:

  • 100,000 BP – ERCW*acUhP
  • 5,000 diamonds – EVGY*6Dq3U
  • Restore energy – Wr64 *OGJj0

Use machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles and grenades. Battle the enemy and get rewards for the completed tasks. Shoot will have to move and destroy everything in its path. Performing each task takes a small amount of energy from you. This sometimes annoys and creates limitations. To not expect the player is invited to purchase premium currency in the form of crystals.

To do without payments, many sites offer to download  FZ9 Timeshift mod. Using bonus codes, everyone can get unlimited resources without downloading mods, or getting root or jailbreak rights. The graphics in the game are an order of magnitude higher than their competitors. Slowed-down animation and high detail of weapons and the surrounding world. Use your skills in battles around the world by moving around on the map.

FZ9 Timeshift hack code

Money FZ9 Timeshift is needed to buy and upgrade weapons in the game. The player needs the most advanced, powerful weapons for the task. The better the result you show, the more reward you expect. In addition, you can use the acquired skills and weapons in the arena and prove your mortal danger. A large arsenal of weapons, the possibility of upgrading the character and its characteristics. Share with your friends secrets and create deadly agents.


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