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Do you like air battles in space? Then the game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter you like, the company OneSoft Studio have developed a game for owners of Android, iOS devices. Gamers downloaded the game more than 10 million times, and the overall score on Google Play is 4.6. Users from all over the world appreciate this arcade very well. Hundreds of interesting levels with space battles and travel. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter a lot of money in the game can be obtained using the codes and mod apk that you will find in this article, and at first we will get acquainted with the game itself.

Cheats Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Hack for free

• Thunder Blade – VD # FMF84m8
• 30.000 Gold – Pe # SS9Vp0a
• 50 Crystals – T4 # oM3BpDI

About the game

The game is available for download around the world, this is a dynamic action shooter on mobile devices. According to the plot, a large monster appeared through a black hole. Taking on the role of save the galaxy, you will meet with hundreds of enemies on the level. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter mod has a storyline, single and multiplayer mode. Defeat opponents, using powerful weapons and boosters.

Simple gameplay

A modern shooter, this is a simple fun for gamers of different ages. Here you can unlock weapons of different ranks. A modern ship and weapons will quickly complete the level and destroy all enemies and bosses. For each job you can get crystals of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and money. Use them to upgrade the ship, purchase new ships, or upgrade parts.
In the game you can see the statistics of each ship, the power of the damage and the level of defense. Using the money you will be able to create a strong spaceship for multiplayer battles.

galaxy-attack-alien-shooter hack

Missions and assignments

The game is divided into assignments and missions. Each time you meet new bosses to defeat them you need to accurately shoot, but more important is avoiding attacks. You need to avoid collisions and enemy fire. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter mod apk allows you to use up to 5 types of weapons during combat. Proper use against different types of enemies will allow you to pass the level faster. For completed tasks, the player receives coins, and additional resources can be obtained using cheat codes.

Some weapons are available for crystals, they can be purchased for real money, or obtained by hacking codes. Update your weapons to show the best result and get additional rewards.


The game has a bright 3D graphics with a high level of detail. It is optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Nearly 60 levels are available for passage, challenge yourself and set high scores. Management in the game is smooth and the dynamics of the battle is very high. Sounds will allow you to immerse yourself in an attractive gameplay and enjoy the action game.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter mod work for Android, iOS devices and will allow you to get a lot of money and make free purchases. Using the bonus codes everyone will be able to unlock all ships, weapons and quickly pass difficult levels. A professional game for fans of space shooters will bring even more enjoyment to those who learn to use codes.

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