Galaxy Battleship free Diamonds, Money, secret, cheat for Android

Strategic space games – this is exactly what you need for real fans of fantastic games. But along with this, many are looking for hack Galaxy Battleship. Is this correct, since this method violates the rules of the game and can lead to the loss of personal data or the emergence of viruses, not to mention that your gaming account may be blocked. We want to warn you and remind you that there are other methods. An example is the Galaxy Battleship cheats. These are simple secret codes that do not require downloading any files. If you have already searched the Internet for ways of hacking, then you know that it is not so simple. But secret codes have a different principle of action. The developers used them to quickly test the game. Why can not you use this method too?

Bonus codes Galaxy Battleship for Android and IOS:

  • 30,000 Space Diamonds – sr#HHA1c
  • Double Money – fh#KI6Ua
  • Double Power – am#vqnYn

At this point, the game is already available for Android and IOS. The secret codes that you see above work on both one and the second type of devices. If you want to enter the codes without downloading  Galaxy Battleship mod and do it repeatedly, then you have to fulfill some simple conditions. Share this article with friends on social networks and enjoy unlimited resources.

Review of the game and the secrets of receiving money:

You might think that the controls in the game are too complicated, but it’s only at the initial levels. In order to go to the highest stage and fight online with other spaceships – you must get a lot of experience, as well as take advantage of secret cheats in the game Galaxy Battleship. Just enter them in your account according to the instructions.

This manual describes each step in the introduction of codes. You can find it on our website. The more often you practice in passing the levels, the more successfully you will use strategic skills. This is really important if your goal is to reach heights in the game and get prize places in the standings. Enjoy the game and win.


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