Galaxy Legend Cheat codes for Cash for Android and iOS, not mod, Secrets

Hack Galaxy Legend for Android, you will have a unique opportunity to have a lot of money, open all the improvements and VIP status. All this is absolutely free, without downloading mod. Also, you do not need to worry about your device or buy special device rights, everything is absolutely safe. To enter cheats is very simple, you just need to read the instruction, which you will see below on the site. Playing with our cheats, you will forget about time and limitations.

Cheats Galaxy Legend for Android:

  • Use cheats to have 50000 money for purchases in the game – Tu73tyhj
  • Use cheats to get VIP status in the game – Oj58ugw
  • Use cheats to open all the improvements in the game – Sjk59ok4

Galaxy Legend mod is an exciting galactic strategy. Playing online with players from around the world, you can play with other people. It takes us to a distant future, when the space was already inhabited by people. Steep graphics, unimaginable fights, detailed graphics only improve the game and will not let you get bored. A very large selection of ships, which with each level are becoming better and more powerful. You can refuse the fight, this is the choice of everyone, but in case of a victory you are waiting for prizes. To achieve good results you need to invest real money, but thanks to our secret cheat codes Galaxy Legend you can buy all the best.


Login on game, receive a beginner pack for free in Rewards Center.
Build your Space Base and Star Fleets. Conquer the galaxy with your friend right now!

Command your forces to galactic conquest! Galaxy Legend is a space combat strategy game that has been waiting for a leader like yourself. Compete with thousands of players in a dynamic online battlefield and pursue the ultimate prize: victory!

In the year 2841, a new chapter in the story of humanity is beginning as we expand to the furthest stars in the universe. In a sci-fi landscape of mystery, intrigue, and opportunity, you’ll take the reigns as Commander of a galactic outpost vying for power. It won’t be easy though, you’ll need to marshall all your forces and employ a variety of strategies to repel those who wish to eradicate you. Make no mistake: the threat of Space Pirates, enemy outposts, aliens, and the unknown looms before us. Your legend is waiting to be written, Commander.

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