Gate of Rebellion hack Android free gold and Money for Diamonds

The game that many expect is already available for alpha testing. Official output is planned at the end of 2017. After that, it can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices. Gate of Rebellion is a free MMORPG with a lot of characters and online battles. Online battles take place in the mode 1 x 1, 3 x 3, 5 x 5. Developers put this game at the head of their developments. Therefore, the quality of gameplay and development is expected at the highest level. And although the developers argue that donat in the game does not lead to an imbalance of players, many are looking for hack Gate of Rebellion. After all, money plays a big role in the development of the character. They allow you to quickly increase the skill of the hero and make purchases of items in the game store. If you want to get gold and diamonds for the development of heroes, you can use bonus codes. They work at the testing stage, and after the official release will be updated.

Gate of Rebellion cheat codes:

  • 35 000 gold – RYT*tdI3CStQ
  • 2,340 diamonds – CBR*y1wxxhY5

The game was created on the engine Unreal 4, so here we expect high-quality graphics and great requirements. So for the game you will need a flagship phone model. If you are already preparing to exit the game, then you should know that it will have several classes and races. Each of them will have their own skills and capabilities. The choice will not affect the force, but develop certain skills.

Money Gate of Rebellion allows you to quickly raise the level and open all modes. In the game, a large, open world that you have to explore, collect items and perform tasks. Scalable battles allow you to play with your friends and fight in pvp mode. It should be released simultaneously on the Android and iOS platforms. If you are not among the alpha testers, then get ready to launch in your region.

Gate of Rebellion cheat codes

You can download mod Gate of Rebellion from the official site. The game should bring a lot of new to this genre. The best graphics in this genre, a large number of races and a huge world. Prolonged battles and interesting assignments that can be held both alone and with friends. Diversify the gameplay and speed up the rising levels of you will benefit from the secret bonus codes. They are safe and do not require the input of personal data.


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