Gentleman Ninja Cheat codes for Android, double EXP, Unlock Ninja

Gentleman Ninja most polite killer available for free download on Android and iOS devices. Here you will be able to unlock a lot of characters and choose a favorite to progress through the levels. For the successful completion of tasks you need to press the right color at the right time. For each killed of villain you get points and money to complete the game. A lot of enemies and obstacles await you in passing. Use all your skills to pass this test. Using the secrets you can quickly unlock all the characters. Each of them has unique weapons and characteristics. Use politely killer to destroy enemies and obstacles. You will need a quick response and a lot of money in the game to set records.

Gentleman Ninja cheat codes:

  • Double experience – eCJ6VXUjGL
  • Unlock all ninja – 1oSFYqkiKt
  • Disable advertisement – tT52QXnVgp

Walk your way to a ninja, set records and open new jobs. Kill as much as possible, not to let anyone in the way. Do not forget to avoid obstacles. Pretty simple, but entertaining game will bring a pleasant pastime. In the game you can choose the look of a ninja. Try out all Ninja Viking, Ningde police and others. Many players are looking for hack Gentleman Ninja, to gain an advantage.

Money in the game you need for purchases but you can use codes and to test all the characters for free. Heroes behave differently and look very funny. But this does not prevent them saw enemies in half. Besides interesting gameplay you will be able to participate in the general leader of the table, put the records and get the best. Game is useful for the development of attention and quickness of mind. Press the right buttons and destroy red and blue ninja.

Gentleman Ninja hack

Press the two buttons when you see the front door. Use boosters to accelerate and receive additional benefits. The graphics in the game at a high level, but it is not the most important thing. Keep your focus and concentrate on the enemy. They will approach closer and closer. The number of errors is limited, download Gentleman Ninja mod from the official sites and have wonderful game on your device.


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