Get Wrecked free money, Gems, cheat codes, for Android, secret

Free Get Wrecked is a classic browser game on Android and iOS. Download it for free and join in online battles. Dozens of types of heroes, skins for development and maps. Develop characters and their skills, train new skills and engage in battles. The battles take place in 2-for-2 mode in the arena and last a couple of minutes. The strongest team wins, fast battles capture their saturation. Often, players ask if there is hack Get Wrecked on gems and money. We want to inform you that it is not necessary to break the rules of the game in order to get a lot of money. Each player can download the game for free from official sources and use secret codes. This will develop characters, raise the level and acquire a powerful weapon. Study tips, follow the instructions and get a lot of money on the account.

Codes Get Wrecked on Android & iOS:

  • code for 150 000 money – 1O#xq8Mdj
  • code for 15 000 gems – 33#iydeV4

And although the main focus in the game is on the very process of fighting, not the development of characters, resources are always scarce. To diversify the game, buy items and diversify the gameplay of the desired crystals. They are bought at the gaming store for real money and greatly simplify the gameplay. Cheats Get Wrecked give the opportunity to get a lot of resources for free and to unlock all items and characters.

Short guide, secrets of passing and advice

Multiplayer game is available on different platforms on mobile devices. Here, everyone can create a hero and fight with friends and other players around the world. The game has a good graphics and dozens of types of characters. Choose one of 45 maps and go on an exciting journey. Win high-level players and get unique rewards, open chests and unlock new cards in the collection.

Choose a character class, train it with new skills and buy items. They will strengthen and expand the capabilities of your hero and allow you to act more flexibly in battles. Communicate with other players, gain experience and create your own clan. To get resources to the account, the player does not need to download Get Wrecked mod, or enter personal data. Share your secrets with friends, play together and defeat the strongest.


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