Giants War Cheat Codes for Gems, Gold Coins for Android and iOS, Tips& Secrets

The role-playing game you’ve been waiting for is now available for Android. You can get a lot of virtual currency, but before that, you need to use the secret hack Giants War, in the event that you want to get a lot of Crystals and Gold for free, without downloading the mod. It’s quite simple, you do not even need to download a mod. But most players do not know how to do it right. Using our code introduction rules and secrets, you will be able to enter cheats Giants War several times and thus receive a huge amount of virtual currency in your account. A role-playing game is to develop your character. Improve his skills and abilities. It’s easy if you have a currency. In order to get it all for free – read this text to the end. You will learn many secrets and rules for the introduction of codes. All the detailed and necessary information is only on our website, you do not need to search for additional information on the Internet.

Bonus codes Giants War for Android and Ios:

  • 62 000 Gold Coins – C_F398wefih
  • 8,000 Gems – G_Hb329feihw
  • Double Power – P_Vhd2039ief

Many bright and diverse characters significantly diversify your gameplay. You can not hope that in the game you will get a free box with a lot of pink crystals or gold. This is impossible, because the developers want you to invest real money in the game. But as you already understood, you can in any case get all of the listed resources for free. It is only necessary to find out how to do it correctly. Be sure to share this information on social networks. This should be done just to be able to read the instructions.

How to enter the bonus codes without downloading the Giants War mod to get gold and precious stones:

Basically, players get a lot of resources through shopping in the game store. It’s almost impossible to earn from the game independently. But despite this, you can do it. If there is a question concerning the safety of this method, you can not worry. Your game account in the game Giants War does not suffer at all. Using additional resources in the game, you will receive many new features and additional bonuses, which will become more and more each time. These codes will open the game to you in full, you will be able to learn all the secrets that were not available to you earlier.

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