Go Pets Cheat codes Android, Unlock Charaters, free Coins

Go Pets on Android and iOS, a new game that anyone can download for free on their mobile device. This is a simple runner with animals in the title role. Waking up in the morning, you come out on the busy street, but you noticed the “doghanter” and chased you. You need to get away as long as possible, while avoiding the moving objects and collect coins. The game has dozens of interesting characters. To unlock them, you need money, which can be obtained from the online store, or a long time playing. Many players are looking for hack Go Pets, open to all animals. But you can do without breaking the rules, and get the money by using bonus codes. They fill up your account with coins, as well as allow to double the result. All this will help to set new records and get a lot of money as a reward for distance covered.

Go Pets cheat codes:

  • 150 000 coins for free, bonus code – OIEU-2839
  • Double the award for the distance covered – OPQH-8318

The game will appeal to all fans of the given genre. There are lots of cute characters and the same entertaining gameplay. Help the baby animals to run away, jump and slide under obstacles. To jump on the bus you need to make a double swipe up. Do not forget to collect coins, they will restore life and improve your character.

Many sites offering download mod Go Pets, promise you unlimited resources. But the game is tied to your account, so you’ll have to earn coins yourself. It is enough to learn to use the codes, it will unlock the desired characters. They all have their own characteristics, as well as to increase the record. Using a coin, you can continue with the capture of the place and the records to be friends.

Go Pets hack

The game is really entertaining, it has a good, colorful graphics. Lots of characters and boosters add variety to the game. Here you will be able to collect not only coins, but also to sit on the racing car, or plane. This will take you over the clouds and allow to break away from persecution. Boosters can also be bought for money Go Pets. This is important, because lets briefly escape from the speakers. Use the tips to get more coins to purchase and establish their own records.


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