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Godfire: Rise of Prometheus hack

When a mighty, lonely titan, who is the protector of the whole human race, goes to the gods, then to be the greatest war. No hordes of vile monsters, no crushing magic, no fierce bosses, no one can resist Prometheus in search of that spark of divine fire that is necessary for the salvation of mankind. It is Prometheus, the most ancient of myths – titanium, who later brought us majestic fire, and then paid tens of thousands of years chained hands and feet to the mountain and is the main character of the game hack Godfire: Rise of Prometheus for mobile and tablet devices. This game users expected to be happy for a long time, from the developers of a wonderful boxing simulator called real boksing.

Cheat codes Godfire: Rise of Prometheus for Android and iOS, free:

1) Instant reload of skills – q-g9238wf
2) Kill any monster with one hit – z-yt3029tc
3) the free resurrection of the hero – n-fth0239t
4) set “wood carver” – l-fht0239tf
5) Cheats for gold – x-2zh5r0f8
6) Crystals – f-g9vf0afw2
7) Completely improve the characteristics of the hero – h-3gwft289t. Health, Attack, Protection, Anger
8) Explosion of the minions – v-gtts938g
9) Solve the puzzle – r-2brdf0ap2
11) Hacking on the experience – b-bg0tq2x
12) Gold – p-2ra982
13) Points of the rank – d-vfhgt02qw
14) Cheats for God’s spark – s-2gfa9t2

Here the user will have to fight with various mythical creatures. In Godfire: Rise of Prometheus there are three game modes: 1) story, 2) kill as many monsters as possible in the allotted time, 3) survival (without limitation, you need to survive as long as possible and collect more points).

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus cheats

Hacked game Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, secrets

Before the passage of missions, you can buy various improvements and increase the characteristics, but you do not need to do this at all, because there is a breaking of the Godfire: Rise of Prometheus cheats for a permanent improvement of everything you want. The application is broken up into acts where you walk through dark corridors, fight with crowds of various mythical creatures and in the end will expect a healthy boss, with whom it will not be as easy to fight as it was with the petty evil spirits.

Free Cash wthout downloading Godfire: Rise of Prometheus mod apk:

On the control: there is a joystick, thanks to which you can dodge and two attack buttons, and you can make combo strikes, a defense button (blocks enemy attacks) and a super attack key (accumulates long enough). To use mego blow continuously and without interruptions, register a hack thanks cheats Godfire: Rise of Prometheus from the list of codes below.

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