Golem Rage hack & codes for Android, free Cheats for Crystals & Unlock all Items

The long-awaited Golem Rage on Android and iOS came out in the beta version. Long years of waiting and now everyone can download a free game on your mobile. Although the developers have left the original concept of RPG, it will be quite interesting. Arcade levels with the destruction of dozens of enemies, huge fists. Destroy all in its path, bypassing a large cluster of cowardly knights. There is no plot of the game, run to escape and enjoy battles. This is what is presented at the moment. How much interesting gameplay to evaluate each separately. If you are looking for hack Golem Rage, you already realized that the resources in the game are limited since the beta test. But therefrom there were bonus codes, which will allow you to get additional crystals for free. This will allow you to make free purchases without using root or jailbreak rights. Unlock for themselves paid items and accelerate the passage of the game and raise levels.

Golem Rage codes:

  • 4 560 crystals – ND#rOgr1sw
  • 7 650 crystals – QF#rHwXm5o
  • Unlock all items – V4#ZzDEBe2
  • Disable ads – Zp#aavm0Cm

Use your huge fists to scatter your enemies. Avoid the attacks of archers, bombers and even meteor showers. Giant shields and blocks from tornadoes and large bombs. All the time you have to be on the alert to walk away from the endless attacks of enemies. Develop the skills of your golem and use all of its attacks to destroy. Cheats Golem Rage will unlock all paid items and gain an advantage when passing the game.

The game has a good graphics and sound conductors, allowing you to plunge into the atmosphere of battles. The closer to the finish, the more tension the player will feel. Levels of play pass through the territories near the castles and in the buildings themselves. Dozens of diverse enemies will try to stop you. In the upper left corner you see the indicator of lives that you can spend on one level. Because of the complexity of the game, you often have to repeat the passage.

It is very important to have a strong weapon to successfully pass the level. Often for the purchase and acquisition of skills requires a premium currency, so players try to download mod Golem Rage. Using tips and secrets, a player can get diamonds for free, without downloading mods. Pass the level with the maximum result, and get additional rewards and bonuses. Use the game store to get paid sets of resources.

Golem Rage android cheat


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