Good Knight Story Cheat codes for Cash, Android and iOS, not mod for free

Good Knight Story hack, not mod is an interesting adventure where you will be a knight who wakes up and does not remember anything. He woke up in some kind of dungeon, his head in blood, his clothes mutilated and how he got there, how to find a way out, he does not know. You need to help him in this. You will look for an exit along with an interesting character. It is very bad to live with a loss of memory, especially in the situation in which he found himself. Go through more than one hundred levels. In doing so, you need to fight monsters. During the search for an exit, gather the equipment, using chains in the style of three in a row. The game is very simple and convenient to manage, many gifts, fascinating stories. Also in the game is a very dynamic character upgrade system. All this is in this game, and with the help of our cheat codes Good Knight Story, it will become even easier and even more interesting.

Cheats Good Knight Story for Android:

  • Use cheat codes to have 500,000 money to buy in the game – HJnct4562

Having hacked Good Knight Story on Android, you will have a unique opportunity to have a lot of money for purchases in the game, for free. No need to download more fashion or buy special rights to the device. Our cheat codes are absolutely safe for your device, since you do not need to download anything and buy, and so you do not pick up viruses. Good Knight Story codes can be used many times. It’s very simple and convenient. Click on the link below on the site and see the detailed instructions for use.


What happened last night!? Join our unlikely hero as he awakens in a dungeon with a sore head and no memory of how he got there.

Solve puzzles, battle monsters and survive bad jokes as you piece together events from the night before.


* Rich and entertaining story
* Over 100+ levels of puzzle solving action
* Dynamic character upgrade system
* Daily gifts to help with your quest
* Epic Boss battles
* Special Boosts to unlock
* Upgradeable weapons
* Custom themed soundtrack
* Over 1000+ handsome tavern owners

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