Graffiti Stars Cheat Codes for Cash and weapons for Android and iOS for free

Which team will win and who will overcome whom first? Use the Graffiti Stars hack without mod files or downloading other dangerous programs and get a lot of game resources. Thus, you can be sure of your victory. Absolutely innovative game idea is already waiting for you. Imagine that your team is graffiti masters (wall drawings with a paint can). The color of your team must fill the entire territory of the game card. If the opponents make it the first or they paint the paint of each of the players in your team – you lose. The cheats of Graffiti Stars will allow you to get a lot of impressions from the game, as you will have all the necessary resources in order to win. In any case, in order to win, you need to have a little more resources and skills than the opposing team. To do this, just enter the codes and you will get an unlimited amount of resources in the game for free and quickly.

Cheat codes Graffiti Stars Android and Ios:

  • Double P – C_R39rue
  • Add 17 000 Rewards – O_H3049ef
  • Unlock 7 Items in the game – K_D9u3wef

It is enough to get a lot of virtual currency in order for the game to change completely and your team took the lead in the fight. In order to enter the correct codes you must read the instruction. Yes, you really will learn there a lot of new things if you have not yet entered the codes. If you have already used our services, then just use the codes that you see above. The number of awards in the game depends not only on you, but on all members of your team.

Many awards and money without downloading Graffiti Stars mod, for free:

As for downloading any files, we already wrote that each player can get enough virtual currency without purchases in the game and without violating the rules. Using all kinds of hacking, you can lose personal data, but our special codes in the game Graffiti Stars are absolutely safe, make sure of it yourself.

In order for your team to get as many powerful weapons as possible, you just need to visit the game store and buy it. It’s very simple and fast, and most importantly – it’s free. These resources will allow you to get the desired victory. Shoot the opponents with paint and fight in battles 3 to 3 or 5 to 5. Collect a powerful team and soon get many victories. Also, do not forget to spread this information in social networks.

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