Guardian Kingdoms free Gems for Android, Guide & Tips, codes

All Ios users can now enjoy the strategic role-playing game Guardian Kingdoms. Take part in huge bright battles, where you have to manage a strong army, conquer territory and receive treasure. This game has not yet come out for Android users. But the developers promise to cope with this in the coming month. After that even more gamers will be able to compete in battles online. In order to quickly improve the game level, gamers often prefer to search for a hack Guardian Kingdoms. If you are sure that the site on which you found the hack offers you high-quality and verified information, then you can use the suggested method. But if you have doubts about the reliability of the method – it’s better not to take risks. Each player can change the game process for the better, you need to carefully read this article.

Bonus codes Guardian Kingdoms for Android and Ios:

  • 35 000 Gems – ERIUY_4987
  • 80 000 Gems – EUWIU_8547
  • Double Gold Coins – VHDUE_8543
  • Double Wood and Potion – HVDIS_5842

If you want to get unlimited funds in the game, then the Guardian Kingdoms cheats that are in this article are your opportunity to become a real leader in the game. These codes were used by game developers during testing, so you can easily and without fear use this method. Players often have to resort to similar tricks in order to save money and time. You have already found our article, which means that you are lucky.

How to get a lot of virtual currency, game review:

The virtual currency in this game is represented by red precious stones, that is, rubies. Each player has the opportunity to receive several tens of thousands of rubies without downloading Guardian Kingdoms mod. How can I do this without violating the rules of the game? The whole secret is in our bonus codes, which you can see above. In order to know how to enter them correctly you should read the instruction.

The game boasts excellent graphics. Each player has the opportunity to choose a certain hero, conquer new territories, build houses and castles, and also you can open chests. You can not know for sure who or what will get you in the chest, but you can open them very often, this is a mini lottery. Share this article with your friends and find out more secrets.


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