Guardians of Fantasy hack for Android, free Gems and Gold coins, cheat codes

Fantastic role-playing game Guardians of Fantasy enjoys great popularity among gamers, despite the fact that it was released recently. You can observe a huge number of positive comments and downloads in a relatively short time. Battles of a whole dynasty with evil forces that have conquered the wizarding world and want to destroy it. You have to get to the lair of darkness and kill the main boss. The Guardians of Fantasy money will help you with this. You can form your own team by inviting friends to play. Each of them will have different roles. You will become a big family that must defeat the demons of monsters and other monsters that now live in your native land. If you are at the initial levels, then this will not be so easy.

Cheat Codes Guardians of Fantasy:

  • 130 000 Gold Coins – Y2#4VJahCrL
  • 8,900 Gems – ZI#mCfptPvk

The game has a certain virtual currency. You can earn it in many ways. You get gold coins for each killed monster – it’s not so hard to do. But in order to earn precious stones you need to really try, or buy them for real money. But we offer you another way, this is not a hack Guardians of Fantasy. These are secret codes that will allow you to get a lot of resources for free.

The game has a good, high-quality graphics that will make you really love this game. Each of the players can download mod Guardians of Fantasy. Many sites offer you this opportunity. But you must remember that downloading a variety of files and entering personal data into suspicious and unfamiliar sites is not recommended. Remember this and do not expose your mobile device to danger.

The game is made in Japanese style, which is very popular among gamers. After each level you have the opportunity to open one and three cards. Each of them hides many treasures that you can get for free. But, of course, the main amount of resources you can get with our secret cheat codes is absolutely free and fast.

Guardians of Fantasy cheat codes


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