Final Kingdoms for Android, free Cash, Gold coins, Cheat * Guide

Many multi-colored crystals, gold coins, a huge amount of other resources will get to you for free, without violating the rules in the game. You do not need to use hack Final Kingdoms for this purpose. But there is another method of obtaining resources – you have to spend real money and buy all the items in the game store. But you yourself can check how much money you have to spend. In order to save money and improve the gameplay, you need to get a lot of resources. Players do not want to spend real money and risk the security of the account, that’s why they are looking for Final Kingdoms cheats. Why cheats, and not hacking or downloading different files? All because this method is the most secure of all that you can find on the Internet. The advantage of this method is also the speed of obtaining resources and accessibility for all gamers, regardless of the type of device.

Bonus codes Final Kingdoms for Android and Ios:

  • 60 \ 60 Power – Y04FQxW
  • 100 \ 100 Food – VrtAXuq
  • Double Gold Coins – c0cVwce
  • Add 1 990 000 Gold Coins – RskmtJ3
  • Add 89,000 Diamonds – ydVTtbE

As you already noticed, there are so many different resources in the game. Each of them for something is needed and has its purpose. You need food in order to feed your warriors and energy so that they are more enduring in combat. All the codes that you see above can be used without downloading Final Kingdoms mod or obtaining special rights.

How to get a lot of diamonds, game secrets, passing levels:

To begin with, you need to build a strong team that will jointly resist evil enemies. If you already have a lot of gold, then thanks to the appropriate code you can simply double the amount of this currency. But if you are a novice player, it is better to immediately get a fixed amount of gold, and then double it. But the main resource is diamonds in the game Final Kingdoms.

The game has a bright 3D graphics, it will allow you to represent the game more realistic. Also, this is affected by the soundtrack. Develop your characters and get new players to your team. They will have advanced skills and a lot of cool weapons. In order to learn the secrets of introducing codes you need to read the instruction. It is on our website.


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