Maze Bandit for Android, free Diamonds, Gold, Secret & tips

Maze Bandit is the best puzzle game released this summer. More than ten thousand users have downloaded the game. Judging by the comments, the game is very exciting and if you have already passed several levels, then most likely, you are doomed to complete the passage of this game. But some levels are so complex that without the help of additional funds you can not do. Otherwise, you will have to spend a very long time to complete one level. If you are ready for such sacrifices, then of course, you do not need to hack Maze Bandit. Each player can use it regardless of the type of device. The codes that you see below are available for both Android and IOS devices. Depending on your desires in the game, you can dispose of the received resources in different ways. You can spend all at once and quickly raise the level, or save virtual currency.

Bonus codes for Maze Bandit for Android and IOS:

  • 10 000 000 Gold Coins – Bu9yO2p*28
  • 12,000,000 Diamonds – Y3Cki5V*37
  • Double Lives – YHv3LZO*32

But in any case, if virtual funds are not enough, you can repeat the input codes as many times as needed. To do this you must have access to the instructions. It is on our website and thanks to this instruction you can correctly enter cheats Maze Bandit. This is very important, since without this information, you can not figure out the code entry.

Game secrets, how to get a lot of lives and enter cheat codes:

This game is strategic, you need to go through a complex labyrinth, this is your main task. If you want to pass the level from the first time, then you must use cheats without downloading Maze Bandit mod. In order to learn more secrets in the game, you must gain enough experience.

Each player has the ability to do this regardless of the level in the game and the number of virtual resources that you have at the moment. The instructions will be available to you only after you share this article on social networks. After a while, the instruction will open for your ip. So, do not waste time and rather take this opportunity.


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