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Real military battles in the game World War Heroes are already waiting for brave players. If you want to get a lot of virtual resources, then rather use the secrets that are in our article. They are based on a safe method, which is available to every player absolutely free of charge. Developers use this method to quickly test the game. At the moment the full version of the game is not available, but you can download the beta version. If you thought that we offer you a hack World War Heroes, then you are mistaken. These are absolutely safe codes, which you can enter repeatedly. But not too often, as this can cause unnecessary suspicion. As for the gameplay, this game has a very high-quality graphics that will amaze and satisfy any gamer, even the most demanding. If you have a lot of virtual resources, then you can quickly and effectively improve your level.

Bonus codes World War Heroes for Android and Ios:

  • 40 000 Cash – O5*AcKgxz
  • 13 000 Gold – JG*W3biMX
  • Double EXP – Gc*e6Zqqp

If you think that this number of virtual resources is not enough for a quick start in the game, then you can enter these codes again. Each player has the opportunity to do it for free. The rest of the nuances you can read in the instructions that are on our website. Cheat codes World War Heroes is a fast, free, reliable and proven way. What can be simpler and better?

How to get a lot of gold and money World War Heroes:

If you perform certain feats in the game, then the number of points increases. But in order to successfully pass the game, you need to have an initial capital in the game in the form of gold and virtual money. The introduction of codes will help you simplify the battle process, but at the same time make it more interesting and exciting. These secrets will make you invulnerable on the battlefield.

Importantly, you do not need to download the World War Heroes mod, which can have bad consequences. Access the instructions and share this article on social networks. This is very important, since these actions are the key to secret codes. Buy new military equipment, a lot of weapons, fight with opponents online and get a lot of adrenaline and gaming experience.


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