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Hellrider Arena hack

Cheats Hellrider Arena (hacking secrets, key codes, gold, characters and costumes): all cheaters and players of the android platforms are ardent greetings! We hope we have not bothered you yet and make you happy with our free crack codes for android games and applications. Well, let’s start with the game, which has already managed to patch nerves (in a good way) to all users of tablets and phones – Hell racer. The name coincides with the atmosphere of this stunning adventure in the very depths of the hot hell hell.

In the hacked version of Hellrider Arena, the user acts as a rider, who is prepared for testing at a party with Satan. Even if you thought that the mission – baby talk, then you have not started to play, because all the users of android devices that have played this toy just smile. Seriously – this is the same game with simple rules and cheats, but with a complex and catchy execution.

Cheat codes Hellrider Arena for Android and iOS for free:

1. DpZs5235mDHU – costumes
2. YCoU235Gbo – to open characters
3. YU2923523RW2V – keys
4. q5iNq2353bM – gold
5. SFKJ23523MLEF – life
6. aJJc8352ay – immortality
7. T7zlVn2352x6 – the magnet

Hacked Hellrider Arena game tips for passing:

You will have to ride along the tracks, which (by itself) prepared a whole bunch of all kinds of obstacles. It can be skeletons (where without them in hell), but also the elemental elements can break out: the appearance of emerging rocks, the current lava and so on. You will have to safely go around or use cheats and codes to remove barriers, endless lives and other bonuses. Of course, you can do without hacking and try to drive right away, and then once more, and then again and so on to the pair of ears and the adrenaline rush into the blood.

Gold, characters in the game without downloading mod apk:

Do you think that’s all? With the help of cheats you can play for free for all six characters: helllighter is a small stock of lives, but has an incredible ability to become invulnerable from any attacks for a while. Neon – uses two balls that revolve around the character and kills skeletons, knocks small objects and helps in a battle with Bosses – knocking down all flying objects and bombs in you. Bear – you have a mini cannon that hits targets. Billy – magnetizes to you all useful things: coins, keys. Blueberries – doubles points, which helps a lot in duels with the opponent. Duck, as well as the bear has a cannon, but it shoots automatically.

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