Hero Force: Galaxy War cheat, codes, free Coins, Gems for Android, free

Life on earth ceased to exist, but all living things moved to the galaxy and settled there. You are the leader of the movement and in the game Hero Force: Galaxy War you need to start all over again on the edge of the galaxy. Build your settlements, develop technology and expand your domain. The methods have remained the same, the war will help to seize important trading hubs to sell their goods and receive money. Collect precious stones and gold coins from all corners of the galaxy. Money will be needed for development, often players are looking for cheats Hero Force: Galaxy War on coins and precious stones. Hacking the game can lead to the loss of the account in the game, or personal data. But everyone can use the game store to replenish the account with resources. Unlock all the characters, build, raise the level and use all the items of the game. Go through the tasks and carry out missions to raise the rank.

Cheats Hero Force: Galaxy War:

  • 64,500 gold coins – hWRE7sV*euw
  • 7 620 gems – 04ijG75*euw
  • Disable ads – ISZaSBl*euw

Travel through the expanses of the universe, explore new territories and grab their resources. Renew buildings, buy and create weapons to protect their possessions. Money is needed to compete with other players and are not afraid of rivalry. Anyone wishing to use the hack Hero Force: Galaxy War, should study the method of free purchases. This will give a lot of money, without getting root or jailbreak device rights.

How to play, control, gameplay, secrets

For a long time already mankind has lost the Earth and has gone on search of a new life. This plot of the game, which can become a reality in the future. You become the leader of the survivors and control the direction and process of the restoration of civilization. Start from scratch, build the necessary buildings for life. Do not forget about enemies who are not happy with your appearance. Use weapons to protect the village and its inhabitants.

The game has cartoon graphics and gameplay with an economic component and strategic battles. For resources, it is necessary to fight not only with new races, but also similar groups of survivors. Money allows you to hire legendary heroes and use their skills and weapons to protect and capture resources. Players are trying to get gems, coins and download mod Hero Force: Galaxy War. A modified version of the game can be dangerous for downloading. Use secrets and take advantage safely, with the help of secret codes.


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